Monday, May 17, 2010

How often does a man need to ejaculate in order to prevent prostate cancer?

Some scientists say a man has a higher chance of having prostate cancer if he doesn'e ejaculate in a regular basis. So, how often does he need to ejaculate in order to stay healthy?

Also can a man ejaculate without having orgasm?

How often does a man need to ejaculate in order to prevent prostate cancer?
My doctor said that all men will get prostate cancer, some will die of it.
Reply:Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any surefire way to prevent cancer. However, where the prostate is concerned, the old addage of "use it or lose it" seems to hold true. Many reports have been written that suggest at least 3-5 orgasms with ejaculation per week can help maintain a healthy prostate.

As for ejaculation without orgasm... I think "wet dreams" or nocturnal emissions would be the only normal circumstance.
Reply:there are not studies supporting this. at this point it is only theory, so no one would really have an answer for it. hopefully that theory is just that, because i have had a vasectomy. the tubes from the prostate are cut, so no amount of ejaculating does anything for my prostate.

i have heard of men ejaculating without orgasm, but i have never experienced it. i know it is possible.
Reply:I heard the other day that a couple should not go more than two weeks with out having sex, that the case then at least a man should ejaculate at least every two weeks by mean of wife, gf or self pleasure as long as it is done. Clean those pipes.
Reply:If he does it's not being done right.
Reply:According to recent medical research, men in their twenties who masturbate at least five times a week have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer in later life. To answer your second question, it is possible to ejaculate without experiencing an orgasm. Similarly, it is also possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating.
Reply:My doctor told me once " three times a week, whether she needs it or not". He was only kidding, but I honestly don't think you can prevent ANYTHING. Be active and have fun. Don't forget your partner's needs as well.

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